About The School

Fleggburgh is a Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School. Voluntary Controlled means that the Diocesan Council for Education has some responsibility, but the school is controlled and funded by Norfolk Local Authority.

The school was built in 1866 and is an attractive Victorian building with some decorative brickwork and original features.

At present there are forty children on roll.

The school serves Fleggburgh, Billockby and Clippesby. We draw children from a wide area, with some children on roll from Filby, Ormesby, Caister and Stokesby.

Fleggburgh is part of the Acle cluster of schools and most children move to Acle High School after Year 6. Some children move to Flegg High School or Caister High School. Parents are of course, free to state preference for a high school of their choice.

The historic foundation of this school links us to the Church of England Diocese of Norwich.  We aim to develop and preserve its religious character, in partnership with the Church in the Parish and the Diocese.

The school encourages an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promotes Christian values through the experiences it offers to all its learners.

Following Jesus’ example of LOVE we are a tolerant, forgiving and inclusive community dedicated to the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical development of every child, enabling them to realise their own amibitions and achieve as well as each of them can.  We help every child to become caring, responsible and generous members of the World, who are proud of their own and others’ achievements.

The school aims to

  • to promote and maintain the welcoming, family ethos of the school;
  • to enable children to reach their full potential;
  • to provide children with a safe and secure environment;
  • to ensure that children are as happy and healthy as they can be;
  • to help children to grow in confidence and independence;
  • to enable children to develop their spiritual, moral, social and emotional selves;
  • to provide children with a rich and stimulating learning environment and good teaching;
  • to provide children with a thorough grounding and preparation for the future, including literacy, numeracy and technological skills;
  • to build in children a sense of their own environment and culture and to widen their appreciation of the many environments and cultures of the world;
  • to enable children to appreciate their place in their local, national and international communities;
  • to help children to embrace difference and diversity;
  • to promote the Christian values of endurance, community, friendship, hope, wisdom, forgiveness, humility, justice, peace, compassion, service, thankfulness, reconciliation, reverence, trust and respect;
  • to secure the future of our small, rural, village school for the children and future generations of Fleggburgh, Billockby and Clippesby.

British values statement

Fleggburgh VC SIAMS 2017