Chinese New Year

February 3rd, 2017

Monday 30th January started a truly interesting week of activities for all the pupils at Fleggburgh School as they began their week celebrating Chinese New Year.

They were very lucky to have a visit from Ki Ki, a Chinese paper cutter from Cambridge, who taught them all the art of paper cutting. They really enjoyed learning how to make, and tasting, pork dumplings with Mrs Pang. They were yummy! Mrs Pang also taught everyone how to read and write Chinese numbers and sing songs in Mandarin.

I art, the pupils designed and made Chinese lanterns which swing beautifully from the classroom ceiling. They also learned all about the history of the Chinese New Year and the Chinese Lantern Festival. It was a really enjoyable week!

Horstead Centre

January 30th, 2017

On a very cold wintery day, Year 5 and 6 travelled to the Horstead Centre for their three day residential and days, all the pupils had a wonderful time challenging themselves on a range of adventurous activities. Most pupils agreed that the climbing wall and zip-wire were the scariest activities but everyone tried their best, and some even reached the top of the climbing wall – a very challenging task!

The favourite activity was definitely the crate stacking which everyone loved – the highest stack being 13 crates. That was very high and there was lots of screams and laughter when the crates fell and everyone was left swinging in the air!

It was a wonderful three days and the staff agreed that all the class were an absolute pleasure to take away and spend time with.

Anglo-Saxon Day

December 1st, 2016

On the 2nd of December, Diamond class visited Norwich Castle for an Anglo-Saxon day. We discovered how a brooch found in a field today could tell us information about the lives and beliefs of the people who lived in England 1600 years ago. We discovered why people would have made the treacherous journey to England. We had a go at making our own brooches. We learned about all of the different things that the Anglo-Saxons made and traded, from things such as antlers and bone, as well as bronze and wood. We saw the grave of an Anglo-Saxon woman and discovered that people would have put important things into graves, as they believed they would need them in their new lives in Valhalla.

Norwich Cathedral – The Holy Trinity

October 17th, 2016

Diamond Class went to Norwich Castle to take part in activities about the Holy Trinity. First we made banners for each of the three parts of the trinity. Then we thought about different ways to pray and made doves and flowers for a prayer garden. Some groups learned a dance, while others took part in a musical story. We finished the day together with lots of other schools, with a special service and sang the song ‘Our God is a Great Big God’, which was a lovely ending to the day.


October 13th, 2016

In October, Diamond Class were lucky enough to be invited to Upton Church for a workshop to learn about the ‘Wooden One-Octave Organ for Young Technicians’. They took part in numerous musical games and learned how to play the ‘WOOFYT’. They found the science behind the instrument fascinating and thoroughly enjoyed playing it.

Memory Boxes

September 12th, 2016

The children made memory boxes in Design Technology as part of their ‘All about me!’ project. They investigated different types of memory boxes, designed their own and made it using a range of tools and techniques. Finally, they decorated the boxes with images special to them. Their evaluations showed that they all loved their memory boxes – Do you?

Potato Project

July 19th, 2016

Diamond class made a film about their wonderful potato project.  It explains all they learned over the year.  They had great fun making it!


150 Years of School

April 20th, 2016

Country Dance Festival

March 23rd, 2016

On Wednesday the 23rd March, a group of children went to the Acle Cluster Country Dance Party. They had a lovely tea of hot dog and cake then danced a number of traditional country dances with lots of other school. Great fun was had by all.

Y5/6 Holt Hall Residential

March 23rd, 2016

In March, Year 5/6 visited Holt Hall for their residential trip. They participated in a range of learning activities which really made them think, especially the Darwin Challenge where they designed their own experiments about plants.

They all enjoyed rock pooling on the beach in West Runton. They found hermit crabs, snails and lots of seaweed and they all got rather wet too!

The favourite activity was definitely orienteering, which everyone was very good at. Kayleigh, Eden and Ebony were exceptionally quick at following the maps and won the challenge with the most points collected.

They thoroughly enjoyed their residential trip and they can’t wait for next year, when we visit The Horstead Centre.